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Wings - Chapter 2
About half an hour of hiding the wings later, Spike went to the Map room, where the Council of Friendship was discussing the day's schedule.
"...then at 9:45, I'll be presenting my newest dress line, and I'll want all of you to be there!" Rarity said.
"But that's when I'm hosting the party for Mr. and Mrs. Cake's tenth anniversary!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed.
"Oh my, that is important! Not to worry! I'll just move my event back to 11:00!" Rarity decided.
"But that's when I'll be having Twilight Time with the CMC's!" Twilight remembered.
"Okay... Are there any other events I need make note of before I reschedule?"
"Well, I have Wonderbolts practice at three..." Rainbow Dash said.
"I don't have any events for today," Applejack said, "unless you count doing chores... But I'll be free at 12:30!"
Fluttershy nodded, "I also don't have anything planned."
Rarity said, "Then it's settled for 12:30!" She turned and saw Spike walking towards the Map. "Unless Spike has anything planned...."
Spike got u
:iconmatttob:MattTOB 1 0
Serendipity Equestria Girls by MattTOB Serendipity Equestria Girls :iconmatttob:MattTOB 2 0 Knowledge by MattTOB Knowledge :iconmatttob:MattTOB 0 0 Peridot and Lapis Pony Forms by MattTOB Peridot and Lapis Pony Forms :iconmatttob:MattTOB 4 2 Minceraft by MattTOB Minceraft :iconmatttob:MattTOB 0 0 MattTOB Skin by MattTOB MattTOB Skin :iconmatttob:MattTOB 0 0 Perch in the Sky by MattTOB Perch in the Sky :iconmatttob:MattTOB 3 0 Guess Who? by MattTOB Guess Who? :iconmatttob:MattTOB 0 0
PHOENIX Chapter 4 - The Lesson
The next morning, the moment that he was awake, Steven looked over at his nightstand.
The feather was no longer there.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Pearl brought Steven into the right spot.
“Okay, you can open your eyes now.”
Steven did so, and looked around. They were somewhere in the forest where he'd met Onion's friends a while back, in a small clearing with many colorful flowers, ferns, tall grasses, and a fallen tree trunk. The smell of pine trees wafted through the early spring air. Garnet was standing next to Pearl.
“It's time,” Garnet said, “you’re finally ready to learn more about Fusion!”
Steven perked up. “Really?!” he cheered.
Garnet unfused, and Ruby and Sapphire stood there (Ruby looking slightly reluctant)
“Yes,” Sapphire said. Steven sat down on the log.
“First, we'll talk about the mathematics of Fusion, while simultaneously showing you another fusion.” Pearl saw that Steven looked as thou
:iconmatttob:MattTOB 0 0
TOB 360 by MattTOB TOB 360 :iconmatttob:MattTOB 0 0 Lime Glazed Terracotta by MattTOB Lime Glazed Terracotta :iconmatttob:MattTOB 0 0 Gumball Sketches by MattTOB Gumball Sketches :iconmatttob:MattTOB 9 1 Year 1 by MattTOB Year 1 :iconmatttob:MattTOB 0 0 [1 Year SPECIAl] Two of a Kind Remastered by MattTOB [1 Year SPECIAl] Two of a Kind Remastered :iconmatttob:MattTOB 2 0 Alicus (OWW) by MattTOB Alicus (OWW) :iconmatttob:MattTOB 3 0 Cyan Glazed Terracotta by MattTOB Cyan Glazed Terracotta :iconmatttob:MattTOB 1 0


Minecraft skin by skullhunter343 Minecraft skin :iconskullhunter343:skullhunter343 1 2 DrawThisAgain! Meme! ... Whoo! by RainbowDragon14 DrawThisAgain! Meme! ... Whoo! :iconrainbowdragon14:RainbowDragon14 20 9 DB HairStyle - Which one? by RainbowDragon14 DB HairStyle - Which one? :iconrainbowdragon14:RainbowDragon14 13 26 .:''Cat Tactic'':. (DrawThisAgain - Meme) by RainbowDragon14 .:''Cat Tactic'':. (DrawThisAgain - Meme) :iconrainbowdragon14:RainbowDragon14 14 11 HEY RAVEN!!!!!!!!!! by Chaosrainer5 HEY RAVEN!!!!!!!!!! :iconchaosrainer5:Chaosrainer5 2 0 Hi by Chaosrainer5 Hi :iconchaosrainer5:Chaosrainer5 7 1 (=PokemonGatcha=) OrangeBalls - Smeargle by RainbowDragon14 (=PokemonGatcha=) OrangeBalls - Smeargle :iconrainbowdragon14:RainbowDragon14 10 5 Heart puppy [AT] by RainbowDragon14 Heart puppy [AT] :iconrainbowdragon14:RainbowDragon14 16 2 Is there Smoking in Equestria? by MKSfan14 Is there Smoking in Equestria? :iconmksfan14:MKSfan14 7 2 Lapis lazuli with a cute dress by dragathe76 Lapis lazuli with a cute dress :icondragathe76:dragathe76 10 0 MLP: The return of RarityDash Fanart by GamerZero158 MLP: The return of RarityDash Fanart :icongamerzero158:GamerZero158 4 0
New Pokemon
Name: Eartheon  
Type: Mostly Fighting, part Psychic
Number: #725
Evolves from: Eevee
Evolves into: Terrestreon
Species: Earth Fox Pokemon
HP: 110
Moves: Psybeam, Quick Attack, Pound, Dig, Dig Uppercut, Scratch, Double Slap
Description: A light-brown fox-like Pokemon with green eyes, a darker brown bundle of fur on its forehead, narrow ears, darker tufts of fur coming out of the base, 2 knob-like bundles of fur near the top of the ears, a patch of brown chest hair, dark brown belly,medium-sized legs with darker paws, and 2 dark brown tails, each ending in a red area of fur. When its mouth is open, 2 fang-like upper teeth, a pink tongue, and a full lower set of teeth can be seen.
Pokedex entry: If it twirls its tails enough, it can generate enough Psychic energy to either power its one Psychic move, or read someone's mind for 30 seconds.
gender ratio: 45% male, 55% female.
(notes: actually gets pregnant [for 10 weeks], only Stage 1 Eeveelution [so far] that can still evolve, a
:iconpokeman618:Pokeman618 1 0
Pokemon story - part 1
Mikayla the Vaporeon awoke with a start. She was having cramps again, but that was to be expected, seeing as SHE was expecting her first litter of pups. She'd met her mate, John the Zorua, only 7 weeks ago, and fell in love with him. 1 week later, they slept together. That morning, she took the test, and it came out positive. Now, her belly was the size of a volleyball. But she didn't mind the size. She loved it.
Suddenly, John came up to her and said, "rise and shine, my love! You wouldn't want to miss your own birthday!"
Animated Zorua Sprite/ icon 
:iconpokeman618:Pokeman618 1 0
My skin by Pokeman618 My skin :iconpokeman618:Pokeman618 1 0 Teaser 3 by Pokeman618 Teaser 3 :iconpokeman618:Pokeman618 1 0 Teaser 4 by Pokeman618 Teaser 4 :iconpokeman618:Pokeman618 1 0
What're you lookin' at?



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I'm so nervouscited!
Top o' th' mornin' to ya, laddies! My name is MattTOB, an' welcome to St. Patty's Day!

(out of all those words, the only one that my spellchecker didn't recognize was 'MattTOB'!)
It's 3-9! You know what that means, right?
1. It's the 1-year anniversary of this account!
2. The date is my lucky number (39)!
#1year #1yearanniversary #1yearspecial #luckynumber #lucky39
2 days left...
(no, i'm not referring to the requests.)
Requests are open!
Finally used the right terminology!
(Star for more levels! :))


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Matt R.
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United States
I just wanna make art and meet new people. :-)

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