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I'm not sure if you knew, but I have a Twitter account!
I will be posting updates on GUSF 2 in my Journals section, so you might wanna check over there.
Like, right now, please.
:D (Big Grin) Nod ;) (Wink) Wink/Razz 
Couldn't resist watching the five episodes of SU that were released on the CN app (everyone keeps saying that they were leaked, but they weren't!).
 :tvstatic:  <- My brain after watching it
 patrick gasp  <- My brain after processing it
  1. A Growing Force Part 1 - Anxiety
    1. Twilight tries to comfort Starlight when she worries that Chrysalis is out to get her.
    2. Celestia creates a resistance to fight Chrysalis.
  2. A Growing Force Part 2 - Paranoia
    1. Starlight locks herself inside the castle, paranoid that Chrysalis will attack.
  3. One Night in the Everfree Forest
    1. Fluttershy volunteers to spend the night in the Everfree Forest, where she runs into a familiar face.
  4. Alicorn Appreciation Day
    1. The ponies of Equestria create a day to celebrate the Princesses, but it gets in the way of their lives.
  5. Fallen
    1. Chrysalis decides to revive a villain in order to get revenge on Starlight.
  6. The Seeds of Family
    1. Motivated by a rumor, Pinkie Pie tries to help AJ find her parents.
  7. The Fourth Wall
    1. (150th Episode of the series) Pinkie Pie, Starlight, Discord, and Twilight accidentally break the fourth wall - literally.
  8. Do You Believe in Magic?
    1. Trixie falls in love with a newcomer named Purple Mystery.
  9. Sunset Glimmer
    1. Starlight’s first Cutie Map mission brings her face to face with an old enemy.
  10. Clash of the Genres
    1. Vinyl and Octavia have a falling out.
  11. To Love an Illusionist
    1. Trixie asks Mystery on a date.
    2. Starlight tries to keep Trixie's date from going wrong.
  12. Hive Minds Think Alike
    1. Chrysalis breaks into the Changeling Empire.
    2. Spike visits Thorax.
  13. Chaos 101
    1. Discord volunteers to teach new recruits how to deal with Chrysalis, but his first student proves difficult.
  14. Crystals
    1. Chrysalis attempts to revive Sombra.
  15. Mark My Words
    1. The CMC’s attempt to join the cause against Chrysalis.
  16. Feathered Friends Forever
    1. Gabby tries to become friends with Gilda.
  17. Growth Spurt
    1. Shining Armor and Cadance try to find an explanation when Flurry Heart suddenly becomes an adolescent.
  18. Too Generous
    1. Rarity tries to stop a villain from giving Chrysalis important information.
    2. Chrysalis tries to take over the Crystal Empire.
  19. The Fangs of Wrath
    1. Chrysalis makes her first strike against Starlight.
  20. No “I” In Team
    1. One of the Wonderbolts is forced to leave.
  21. The Interrogation
    1. Chrysalis tries to get information out of her new prisoner.
  22. Up Their Sleeves
    1. Starlight and Mystery try to rescue the prisoner.
  23. Race Against the Clock
    1. Time Turner, Muffins, and Roseluck try to go back in time to save the prisoner.
  24. Tea at Fluttershy's
    1. Starlight tries to calm herself down by going on a picnic with her friends.
    2. Feeling bad for her, the prisoner agrees to cast a spell for Chrysalis.
  25. Change Part 1 - Princess
    1. The Ponies gather their allies and attack Chrysalis.
    2. Starlight infiltrates Chrysalis's base.
  26. Change Part 2 - Queen
    1. Chrysalis makes her stand against Starlight.
    2. Celestia leads the charge against Chrysalis’s forces.
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